My experience with AFMT was more than positive, before the training started, we were familiarized with the theory behind an upset with the clear and interactive e-learning programme. During the four days of theory classes following, we discussed several topics of influence such as human- and environmental factors as well as weather phenomena. These theory classes where a mix of personal experience by the instructors Stephen and Kaj, as well as demonstration videos of actual accident cases. 

Every day ended with a 45-minute flight which was in my opinion a perfect mix of theory and actual flying for one day at the time. This way, you could experience the theory you had just learned, being applied into a real situation. Both instructors are seasoned pilots with experience on large commercial jets such as the Boeing 747 and MD-11, as well as having served as fighter pilots. Because of this experience, they succeed to get trough to you on why upset prevention and recovery is such an important piece of skill to have being a pilot.

Both Stephen and Kaj have a very approachable character and are happy to answer any question you have, even if it is not regarding A-UPRT. Coffee, tea and lunch are provided on request at no additional charge, they even offered my fellow “classmate” a drop off service at his Bed and Breakfast. I would definitely recommend doing your Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training at AFMT.

Ramy Abou Shady – The Netherlands

I am what you call an eternal beginnner.
Having recieved some acro training long ago from the famous Bert Huizenga on the docile and easy Fuji FA200 it is always a good idea to stay down to earth literally or take multiple refresher courses. So I contacted Stephen.  The Zlin L-242 is quite different from the old fuji-workhorse. A clear cockpit layout, great stick and rudder balance combined with big surfaces and deflection make the Zlin a joy to fly. Combined with the extreme sturdy safetybelt system makes it a very capable fully inverted flight acro plane. This is a big step up compared to the Fuji. Money well spent.
Thank you for the lessons!

Mark Boom


Stephen van Dijck is a reliable partner, extremely approachable, with a fast response time to e-mails. He’s the kind of instructor one feels comfortable with, that’s a must for me. During the briefings he tries to find out your interests in UPRT. Allthough it is impossible to cover all the exercises in one session one wants to do more after the first.

The Zlin 242 is a sturdy, well equipped aircraft for the exercises and easy to fly. Following an introductory UPRT training should be a must for every GA pilot to get acquainted with several different attitudes.

Bob Fischer, GA pilot, PPL SEP TMG Glider Towing 

I’m very happy to have done my Advanced UPRT at AFMT. A good friend of mine referred AFMT to me as being THE specialists with regards to A-UPRT. They have more than lived up to that reference. I have learnt a lot from both Stephen van Dijck and Kaj de Boer. 

Their framework and methodology warrants that UPRT really becomes second nature. 
Focus lies on ensuring you understand the theoretical knowledge and then putting it in practice, not just learning you a trick. Nice quote from Einstein relevant here: “Any fool can know. The point is to understand”.

The practical flying is an amazing experience as well;
It’s a proven gradual build up over different flights, to make sure it sticks. Observation, Recognition, Prevention and Recovery of all kinds of upsets in a continuous flow where instruction is given in a very positive and coaching manor. 

So an A+ to AFMT. Without hesitation I would do the A-UPRT training with them again. Only ”drawback” for me is that UPRT has resulted in a taste for more, so most probably next step will be to do my Aerobatics rating with AFMT :)

Koen Koppens