De Sukhoi 29 is a formable unlimited aerobatic competition aircraft. Built in 1994 the PH-KAH was first imported from Russia to the United Kingdom. From there it went to Spain before being bought in 2011 by AFMT. The Su-29 is used by AFMT for high level Aerobatic Introduction flights only and Air Display flying. With a solid carbon fiber wing spar, panels and control surfaces and a stainless steel frame it is very light. The 420 HP M14PF radial engine drives a three blade MT variable speed propellor with a diameter of 2.60m. The Sukhoi is capable of extremely high G loads and roll rates of 420 degrees/sec. As well as an Aerobatic competition aircraft the Su-29 is also seen at many airshow events performing a solo display, by Stephen van Dijck and as part of the formation Aerobatic display team of the Dutch Thunder Yaks. 







1 x M-14PT piston engine, 270kW


    Take-off weight

860-1204 kg

1896 - 2654 lb

    Empty weight

735 kg

1620 lb



8.20 m

27 ft 11 in


7.29 m

24 ft 11 in


2.89 m

10 ft 6 in

    Wing area

12.20 m2

131.32 sq ft


    Max. speed

325 km/h

202 mph


4000 m

13100 ft

    Range w/max.fuel

1200 km

746 miles