Aerobatic flying is a fun and rewarding extension of your flying skills and experience. We offer Aerobatic Rating Licence courses and Aerobatic experience introduction flights. Introduction/Experience flights are also possible of the Yak-52.

After following an Aerobatic Rating Course with us you will be ready to enjoy aerobatics. You will be competent, proficient, have the requisite knowledge as well as a professional attitude. But above all you will feel safe and have confidence in your own ability to go outside of the normal flight envelope. 

It is possible to add extra items from a course other than the one being followed. We also offer coaching and mentoring for aerobatic display and/or competition flying.

All courses are compliant with: EASA SUBPART I — ADDITIONAL RATINGS AMC1 FCL.800 Aerobatic rating, and comprise two subparts: a comprehensive Academic Course and Aircraft Training.

Academic Course

The theoretical knowledge syllabus covers the revision or explanation of: 

(1) Human factors and body limitations
(2) Technical subjects
(3) Limitations applicable to the specific aircraft category (and type):
(4) Aerobatic manoeuvres and recovery: 
(5) Emergency procedures: 

Aircraft Training 

We train to proficency. The exercises of the aerobatic flying training syllabus are repeated as necessary until the applicant achieves a safe and competent standard. Having completed the flight training, the student pilot will be able to perform a solo flight containing a sequence of aerobatic manoeuvres. The dual training and the supervised solo training flights will be tailored to the Ziln 242L category of aircraft and limited to the permitted manoeuvres of that type of aircraft. The exercises will comprise at least the following practical training items: 

(1) Confidence manoeuvres and recoveries, including spin training.

(2) Aerobatic manoeuvres: 

(i) Chandelle; 

(ii) Lazy Eight; 

(iii) rolls; 

(iv) loops; 

(v) inverted flight; 

(vi) Hammerhead turn; 

(vii) Immelmann